How to Buy Bitcoin

If you're newbie, don't know how to buy bitcoin, this guide will show you how to buy bitcoin online step by step. Similarly you will be able to buy other crypto currencies as well.

Caution: Many Countries don't allow buying bitcoin. In this post, we are just focused on the process of "how to buy bitcoin" not on the countries. You have to follow your own country's law.

How to Buy Bitcoin - A beginner's guide to buy bitcoin step by step:

#1: The first thing you need is cash money. So if you have bank account, visa-card, master-card, paypal account you can buy bitcoin. 

#2: The Second thing you need opening an account from one of the following websites. There you can buy bitcoin and keep the coins to the sites. They are trusted.

01) Coinbase 
02) Binance
08) BTC-E
09) ItBit
#3: Here I will not show you how to open an account and buy bitcoin with all the e-payment options listed above.

1) Coinbase:
 Location: USA. It is the most reputable bitcoin exchanges.

How to Buy Bitcoin using coinbase

1. Go to the link to Sign up Coinbase.

2. Click on the "Get started" Button

3. Fill the coinbase signup form

4. Sign in coinbase account

5. Click on Your Name[ see right side], then click on "SETTING"

6. In this page you will see payment methods. Add a payment method and fund your account

7. Now you can buy bitcoin using coinbase. Simple yeah!

02) Binance:

Binance launched in 2017, It is now considered the biggest Cryptocurrency trading platform and maintains the highest 24 hours trading volume. Binance allows its users in Uk to directly deposit funds in their account with debit and credit cards. Binance charges a 0.1% spot trading fee and 0.5% instant buy/sell trading fee along with some withdrawal fees based on Bitcoin network fees. The trading fee on Binance is an affordable price to pay for a platform that offers the one of the highest number of Crypto trading pairs to trade.


How to buy Bitcoin using Binance

1. Open up a Binance account
2. Once you access your account, you need to protect your account with two-factor authentication to enable security measures in place.
3. Once you are done with the basic setups, you will be inside your trading account.
4. Click on the exchange button on the task bar and choose basic for trading.
5. Once you complete that, you will be put up with a set of trading pairs that you can select from.
6. you can link your debit/credit card or bank account and Deposit your funds.
7. Make sure you have enough balance in your Binance wallet before you make the purchase.


03) CoinMama:


04) LocalBitcoins:

This site can be described as less of an exchange and more as a platform where individual bitcoin buyers and sellers from all over the world can find each other. You will be directed to a country-specific page and will be able to pick who you want to buy/sell bitcoins from. The in-built escrow system will protect both parties until the seller releases it after confirmation of payment.

Best for: Trading directly from individuals

05) Kraken:

A trading-focused bitcoin service provider, Kraken appeals to bitcoin traders as you can leverage and even
short on the platform. They are very reputable and was one of the first bitcoin exchanges to pass an independent


This bitcoin exchange recently celebrated 5 years of operations and is the first licensed operator.
BitStamp is a favorite due to its ability to accept bitcoin purchase with credit or debit cards. Users can also
 withdraw bitcoins as physical gold – a novelty not offered by any other bitcoin exchanges in this list.


This Hong Kong-headquartered bitcoin exchange is appealing for both traders and investors.
The website is less flashy than the rest but practical. OKCoin is best for experienced traders with high
familiarity with trading tools and platforms.


This is another platform that recently celebrated its 5th anniversary. BTC-e platform is very transparent – you can see a live tracker with the current bitcoin price and the most recent transactions in the platform from the trade history. The chatbox sometimes has interesting discussions, offering insight of buyer/seller sentiment.

Best for: Transparency

Choose another exchange if: You prefer a nicer-looking platform.

09) ItBit:

Another trading-oriented bitcoin exchange in this list, ItBit offers reasonable rates for bitcoins
but bear in mind there is a small fee on top of it. They offer boutique service’ for large
bitcoin trades over 100BTC.



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